27 Formula3 Regional Europe - Monza, qualifying: Petecof, Pasma and Leclerc
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Monza, qualifying: Petecof, Pasma and Leclerc

There are 3 to win the pole position on the F1 circuit of Monza, with Petecof who in the first session blows the pole in the last lap to the second Pasma, who takes his revenge in the second session, while Leclerc obtains the best second time. race pole 3.

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In qualifying at Monza the expert Patrick Pasma (KIC Motorsport) is immediately at ease, who in the first session leads until the very last lap of Gianluca Petecof (PREMA Powerteam) on the finish line that allows him to conquer the pole (1: 48.105 ) with only 79 thousandths on the Finn, while third is Arthur Leclerc (PREMA Powerteam), a little more detached at 0'229. Fourth is Oliver Rasmussen (PREMA Powerteam), while fifth is an extraordinary Gillian Henrion (Gillian Track Events).

In qualifying 2 Pasma set the fastest time of qualifying with 1: 47.097, ahead of Rasmussen, Petecof, Leclerc and Pierre-Louis Chovet (Van Amersfoort Racing) and Konsta Lappalainen (KIC Motorsport).

Leclerc manages to enter the polemen thanks to an excellent second best time overall, 1:47.243.