412 Formula3 Regional Europe - Monza race 3: Vesti wins
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Monza race 3: Vesti wins

Second and third place in the championship also awarded, with Fittipaldi second and a terrific Fraga third who grabs the position from Schumacher in the general championship standings

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Igor Fraga (DR Formula by RP Motorsport) from pole is overtaken by champion Frederik Vesti (Prema Powerteam). After the first two teammate Enzo Fittipaldi, then Raul Guzman (DR Formula by RP Motorsport) and David Schumacher (US Racing).

After several attacks Nico Kari (KIC Motorsport) overtakes Schumacher for fifth place.

Vesti gains advantage with fast laps, while behind him Fraga and Fittipaldi are very close and disturb each other. At 13 to the end of the race Fittipaldi makes a splendid overtaking inside the parabolic over his compatriot and conquers the second position.

An exciting fight behind them between Olli Caldwell (Prema Powerteam) and Sophia Floersch (Van Amersfoort Racing), the first to overtake, but then suffered the German's counter-overtake. Subsequently, the Englishman overtakes Floersch again, but goes straight to the variant just after.

Nico Kari then attacks Raul Guzman and wins an excellent 4th place. Vesti wins, followed by Fittipaldi, Fraga and Kari.

Complete results at http://www.acisport.it/it/FormulaRegional/home.