14 Formula3 Regional Europe - Confirmations and novelties for the 2020 Championship
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Confirmations and novelties for the 2020 Championship

Confirmation of 25 points for the super-license, 200,000 in prize money, tests in F3 and F2 and a very important opportunity coming up, in addition to further improvements on the single-seater

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After confirmation of the participation in the 2020 season of all the teams that have participated in the 2019 Formula Regional European Championship certified by FIA, there have been also the official confirmations of the prizes available, with 25 points for FIA Super-license, the maximum number among the equivalent series, the 200,000 prize money, rather than the F3 and F2 tests. But it doesn't end here.

A further very important opportunity will be announced shortly, which will be, for the winner of the 2020 championship, an extremely important element for his sporting career.

But there is more to add, with technical innovations also in terms of optimizing the single-seater, already highly appreciated by teams and drivers in 2019, to make, even from this point of view, an additional step forward by further raising the bar of excellence for the only championship, among the equivalent ones, to be certified by FIA.